Collection of Soil Algae

About collection

This culture collection was originally established by Alena Lukešová as her working collection in 1986 (with ISBAL as the original acronym). Later the collection became part of the BCCO project and thus the acronym changed accordingly. Currently, the culture collection is supported by the Biology Centre CAS and by the research projects Strategy AV21 Diversity of Life and Health of Ecosystems (2015 - 2019) and Land Conservation and Restoration (2020 - 2024) of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The main function of the culture collection is to maintain the diversity of soil microscopic algae and cyanobacteria from various biotopes and geographic areas. Some strains represent an important source of biologically active metabolites.

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The team members are:

Ing. Alena Lukešová, CSc. -

Naděžda Vithová


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